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In the spotlight this week at Chroma Studios: Timothy Anderson and Peter White


Tim Anderson's "Bessage Nude 7725"  16x20" photograph

Tim Anderson's "Bessage Nude 7725" 16x20" photograph

This week’s featured artist is photographer Timothy B. Anderson.


Anderson has photographed a wide variety of subject matter, but capturing the image of the female form, whether it be a geometric nude or the angular curve of the neck, attracts and inspires his artistic focus. Most of his current work is in black and white, although he has recently taken a foray into color, using subtle tonality (much like a painter) to bring out the texture of the human body.

A selection of his fine nude portraiture is on display at Chroma Gallery throughout this final week of our Photography Show.


Also something to look forward to this week: And intimate concert with Peter White This Friday the 24th at 7pm.
Peter White has been making fine stringed instruments for over 30 years. He studied violin-making in Poland, under esteemed Polish luthiers Jan Pawlikowski, Rajmund Swirek and Wladyslaw Stopka. He also studied in America with John Honeycutt and Sid Fleming.
Since 1982, he has been a working partner with Ken Keppeler of Silver City, New Mexico.
Additionally, he now works with fine arts student and painter Cedra Woods, who illustrates classic Italian violins and violas.

Peter is the director of the New Mexico Musical Heritage Project at the University of New Mexico, and we are honored to be hosting him here at Chroma tomorrow evening (Friday the 24th). See you there!