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Gearing up for April Anniversary Celebration!

April marks Chroma Studios 2nd year in business and our first year downtown! Hard to believe it’s already been 2 years, but time does fly when you are having fun. This month we are gearing up for the big show with some improvements to the gallery and studios. Aaron just tore down a wall in the gallery to open up the space and make it flow better. Pictures are posted below. We are also tearing up carpet and painting floors, something we’ve talked about doing since we first moved into the building. Downstairs in the studio hallways, we’ve already done some painting and hung more art. April also means open studios for our First Friday opening event. You will be able to see inside the artist’s studios and see where the art is made. I will post more information about the Anniversary show as the date draws near, lots of fun activities planned, should be exciting!

Aaron working on opening up the gallery space!

looking from the other direction