Storm At Dinetah

Storm At Dinetah by ROBERT MEDINA COOK


Native New Mexican and award winning fine art photographer Robert Medina Cook began his journey in the creative arts over thirty years ago in Santa Fe, New Mexico. During that time he walked many paths…custom furniture maker, fishing guide, folk artist, writer, musician. In the early eighties, he moved to the wild expanse of Glorieta Mesa southeast of Santa Fe, where he built his house and shop by hand, grew most of his food, and powered the homestead with wind and solar power. The intimate experience would prove profoundly influential years later when Robert picked up his first camera and discovered a new calling. He exchanged his carving chisels for lenses and his handsaws for a tripod.

Inspired by a deep connection with his native land, its enchanting landscapes, light, and ancient history, Robert has become known for a unique style collectors describe as mystical, spiritual, and at times iconic. Robert has been featured in local, regional, and international publications. Robert’s award winning images and limited edition prints can be found in fine art galleries throughout New Mexico, as well as over 500 private and corporate collections worldwide.

Robert has been with Chroma Studios since 2011.

Learn more about Robert, see his work, and participate in one of his workshops, click below:


Contact Robert Medina Cook at: robert.m.cook.5@facebook.com

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