Monthly Archives: June 2017

News Flash!

There are changes afoot at Chroma Studios. At the end of June we are giving up our lease at the Central location of Chroma Studios. The location will still be rented/used as artist studios, but someone else will be running it as a new business. Paula and Aaron have moved their studios home and will continue to run the Downtown location as band/music practice studios.

While we are a bit melancholy about leaving Central after 9 years, it was time to make a decision and the decision was that it was time to let it go. One of the conditions of leaving the lease was that the space would still be used as artist studios, because Albuquerque already has a shortage of space and we couldn’t bear the thought of closing it down completely after all these years. Paula is ready to work full time as an artist again and running the studios made that difficult.

Huge thanks to all the artists who made Chroma their studio home all these years! We appreciate you all! We like to look at it not as an ending, but as a new beginning. 🙂