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Artist of the Week: Brendan Gould

Brendan’s Bio:

Being whimsical is not just for children. I’ve explored thoughts that illustrate the strength of the meek, the backbone and the muse of the confident. I do this to celebrate the support of my wife and others who possess a quiet strength. My art attempts to illustrate a complicated adult whimsical world.

In this world there are many layers overlapping and affecting one another. In the process, I resort to deduction and decaying methods of paint handling in combination with translucent shadowy layers.  I also try to create a visual representation of my favorite music and the constant rhythm that resides in me.

I graduated with a BA in Fine Arts from St. Ambrose College in Davenport, Iowa in 2002.  I moved to New Mexico with my wife in 2006. Albuquerque has become my home. This land enchanted me from the first time I stepped off of the train coming from the mid west back in 2005.

Maxfield Parish, Rembrandt and Leslie Bell have influenced my work greatly.  To the muses of our time, thank you.

Brendan’s Chroma Connection:

Brendan first came to Chroma in search of a studio space and has been a good friend ever since. He has the spirit of a child with the sense of humor to match. He always makes us laugh and his paintings inspire me to become a better artist. Brendan was a featured artist in the gallery in September 2009 with his show “A Little Support”. He also teaches a children’s art class here on Sunday afternoons.



Artist of the Week: Cari Pier


Da Vinci said, “Where the spirit does not work with the hand there is no art.” I know this to be true and am made aware of it with each piece I create. I always have an idea that begins in my mind’s eye, but the paint always emerges and evolves on the canvas with ideas of its own. My art is a collaboration. It is a gift from the great mystery, the source of which I feel closest to when I paint.  I am consciously aware of IT and thankful for this awareness every day. I prefer to paint what I feel rather than what I see. A sacred place, poem, a dream, or song can touch me deeply and I try to express that emotion with my art. Some favorite descriptions of my work have been: spiritual, haunting, emotional, sensual and evocative. Each new piece is a page from my life and I want to use the time that I have been given to grow spiritually and to dream, believe and create.

Going deeper and getting closer. Consciously aware of things felt, but not seen.