SnapShots ABQ: Practically Live!

This video was filmed earlier this evening, enjoy!

To see the SnapShots ABQ show click HERE.

14 responses to “SnapShots ABQ: Practically Live!

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  2. thanks: 2 Tom Horne of Vernacular Films (video man), Paula and Aaron Maning-Lewis (Chroma Studio owners), and the beautiful cast of characters embracing Z Paint People … who shared their collective written voices inside the opening of SnapShot ABQ. 2010 – Mythological History of Urban Life.

    Eagle Inthegarden was the first sound heard from one of zPP – ever – like landing on themoon’s fresh SURFACE as a foot print … within an art universe of play. Ding dING! * ) – te’ zins

  3. Awesome video!! Makes me wish i was there!!Hello Paint People!!

  4. Speed of Light x”3″

  5. Thank you, Te. I loved the reflections of life’s meaning. The music was beautiful.
    Hope to see you soon.

  6. These lines from the poem read by Tammy Sun (?), struck a chord with me: This life is for living our dreams, not drowning in them. Change direction if needed for the goodness of the community.

    As a lawyer and widow who is not thrilled about the idea of practicing law, but who may need to to pay the mortgage, it is good to be reminded about living dreams and working for the good of all.

    I like the idea of people making art from found objects. Cool idea for expressing “urban mythology”. I could not make out most of the art in the snapshots. However, I did recognize a couple of the artists, which I liked. This made me smile. I feel blessed to live in such a creative community.

    The peace song at the end was beautiful. Made me wish I were up in the mountains on a moonless night sitting around a campfire with good friends while someone played this song.

    Hope my taking the time to leave these comments make up for taking your table and throwing away your food at the coffee shop the other day. Nice to make your acquaintance.

  7. Te’, I find you to be one of the most creative people I have had the pleasure of knowing, even a little bit, she says humbly, which has gone a long way over these 18 years in the Southwest.
    From the way you decide to button a shirt to your wonderious paint people, I admire your ability to recreate over and over from the core of your spirit and produce something for us to ponder and reflect. Something to make us want to participate in the life experience and touch others as gently as you my friend touch.
    Gino and I are always thrilled to see your face and be in the shadow of your smile.
    Good opening video. Wish we were there to savor the experience in person.
    Love and Peace to you Te’, Judith and Gino

  8. Move over Mr. T, Mr Te’ is here! I pity the fool for missing this show. Great music and readings.

  9. What a talented group of people. Tae, it was a pleasure meeting you at the church this weekend. I thoroughly enjoyed your music. As you now know I’m the author of “Feisty Family Values” and appreciate the value of family, which is more than DNA. Take care.

  10. Hi Te, enjoyed meeting you and your friend at Moby Dick last night. I like your take on “Urban Mythology”. The painted shrouds speak volumes through their silence. The video made me stop and think about who we are individually and collectively. I am looking forward to seeing the exhibit. Best of luck.


  11. Beautiful job, Te’. I’m so glad you are part of Chroma and I’m thankful to be able to see your powerful work each and every time I go there. Hope to see you soon.


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