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Thank You, Albuquerque!

My name is Paula Manning-Lewis and I am the owner of Chroma Studios Gallery in downtown Albuquerque. If you have been to the gallery you have probably met me or my husband and partner, Aaron Lewis.

Chroma Studios represents the art work of New Mexico artists and more specifically, we are dedicated to supporting Albuquerque artists. Unlike most galleries, we only take a 30% commission on sales. We believe the artist should retain the majority of their sales since it was their blood, sweat and tears that created the art in the first place. We are also an artist-owned small business. I have been a working professional artist for almost 20 years and Aaron has been a professional musician for almost that long.

We’re writing today to ask for your support of a great and upcoming local institution. We’d also like to tell you about some of the great things going on and all the benefits you’ll receive by becoming part of Chroma’s work. There’s something for every budget that will add art to your world while bolstering a vital local business that’s contributing to our community.

This state is called the “Land of Enchantment” for a reason. For over a hundred years artists have been coming here to paint and moving here to live. Some of us were lucky enough to grow up here. Albuquerque has been the home to many well-known and -loved famous artists. You always hear about the art scenes in Santa Fe and Taos, but did you know there has always been a thriving art scene here in Albuquerque? In just the last ten years, Albuquerque has gone up to the top of several national lists. Most prominently for the art scene, we are number 5 on the American Style magazine list of large city art destinations. That puts us in the midst of cities like New York, San Francisco, Chicago and Miami and ahead of cities like L.A., D.C., Seattle and Denver. Albuquerque’s art scene is on the verge of a major national and even international explosion. Here at Chroma Studios gallery we are excited to be a part of that explosion. In May 2009 we were awarded the “Best New Business” at the Downtown Action Team LOOK Awards. We were recognized with a story on Channel 7 news as a “thriving gallery in a time of recession.”

In the years to come we will host some of the best artists of Albuquerque. Currently, we are home to around thirty Albuquerque artists, including Rein Whitt-Pritchette and Herb Goldman, who have already been recognized by the Albuquerque Museum of Art and History. Both artists have pieces in the Museum’s permanent collection. Rein has been honored with inclusion in the Museum’s “Albuquerque Now – Fall” show which opens October 10th and runs through January. This month at Chroma we are featuring the work of Meg Leonard, the 2009 Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta poster artist.

We are so grateful to all the people who have supported us and helped to make our dream a reality! Thank you for helping us create such an incredible space! What we ask from you now, our patrons, friends and fellow artists is support to keep our mission going strong. We truly appreciate your attendance at our events, however we need your financial support as well. You don’t necessarily have to buy an expensive work of art, though it would be greatly appreciated. In fact, we have very flexible payment plans to help make larger purchases possible, and we don’t charge interest! We have many smaller affordable paintings, sculptures, glass pieces, jewelry and prints to choose from.

A great way to support us while getting something in return is to become a Chroma Studios member. Only $35 for individuals or $50 for businesses, you get a membership card good for one year, that entitles you to 10% off all purchases, plus two free tickets to any show in our intimate concert series. Businesses also get a link on our website and a mention in our monthly newsletter. These memberships will provide the funds to help us continue our work as a New Mexico art gallery presenting the art, music and poetry of local creative people and putting money back into our local economy.

Follow the links below to become a member today!

Individual Membership $35

Business Membership $50


Paula Manning-Lewis and Aaron Lewis