Call to Artists: Need Studio Space?

Chroma Studios has an opportunity to expand again, this time into an amazing 9,000 square foot space with 20+ studios and a huge gallery, not to mention potential performance space.

We will need to rent 10 of the 20 spaces to make it happen. Are you looking for a studio? The space is downtown, 24/7 access, very secure, most spaces are 13 x 11 feet or bigger and renting for $225 per month with a $100 deposit. More info on the Studios page

If you would like to see the space or want more information, contact Paula at 259-6320 or 554-3805. Or email me at

Stayed tuned in for more information here!


3 responses to “Call to Artists: Need Studio Space?

  1. Hi, Please give me more info. This sounds like a great idea. Thanks, Geri

  2. Hi,

    I’m a potter and I’m looking for a studio space. If anything at all becomes available please let me know.

    Thank You,

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