Intimate Concert Series Starts Tonight!

Starting tonight, we are hosting a series of concerts here at the gallery that we are calling the “Intimate Concert Series”. It’s an intimate concert because there is only room for an audience of around 25-30 people. The music will usually be a solo performer. Tonight’s performance is by Vernon DeAguero, a Nuevo Flamenco guitarist from Santa Fe. His guitar playing his absolutely wonderful! Tickets are only $10 at the door. Concert starts at 7 pm.

One of the best things about this new concert series is that with such a small audience, you will have a chance to speak directly with the musician, ask questions, and hear their stories on a personal level. Think of it like a house concert, only, it’s in a gallery! In coming months we will have local singer/songwriters like Matt Jones and Kimo. Next month we actually have TWO concerts! Chad Cavanaugh, a singer/songwriter from San Diego, will be swinging by the gallery for a special show on March 14th. For more information, call Aaron Lewis at 908-1392.


2 responses to “Intimate Concert Series Starts Tonight!

  1. Hi!!

    I am inquiring about booking a show either April 5th or 6th. I will be touring the U.S. in April to promote the release of my new album and will be stopping in New Mexico and would love to play at Chroma!

    I play acoustic music similar to Jewel and Tom Petty and I have enough material to play up to a 2 hour show if needed.

    I look forward to hearing from you!
    Tara Tinsley


    • Unfortunately, Tara, we no longer have the performance space and are no longer booking performances. Good luck!!

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