Late Night First Friday at Chroma Studios Gallery

Last week’s First Friday Opening at Chroma Studios Gallery was a huge hit! We had a wonderful show with featured artist, David Lloyd Stewart, and added a few new artists to our gallery roster.

Paula Manning-Lewis with David Lloyd Stewart

Letitia Hill rounded out David’s jewelry selection with her gorgeous beaded creations.

Cindi Gaudette is an amazing abstract painter. Very humble, with a contagious smile and laugh, she was a joy to be around.

Justin Simenson (Imagination Included Photography) is one of our newest photographers along with Julie Rybachek.

Another new Chroma artist, Susanne Baca, didn’t make it to the opening, but her mosaics made up for missing presence with their whimsical beauty. Jacqui Lewnes also made an appearance and posed with her new print, Josh & Tyler Cutlefish 2.

We had visits from Duke City Fix moderator, Spring Griffin (who will soon become an official Chroma Studio Artist), and the ever popular Vashti (exactly how many people in Albuquerque does Vashti know? Or possibly a better question, how many people doesn’t she know?).

 Aaron played some wonderful tunes from his new cd, Space Travel

It’s now official, Chroma Studios Gallery is the late night place to be! Apparently, we are the only First Friday gallery open after 9pm. 10pm to be exact, even though I don’t think we left until after 11 pm! We were having far too much fun!

Next up at Chroma Studios? Our first monthly Intimate concert, Third Friday, February 20th with Nuevo Flamenco guitarist, Vern DeAguero. Concert starts at 7 pm, tickets are only $10. Contact Aaron Lewis for more information.


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