February’s Featured Artist: David Lloyd Stewart


Evening Caucus by David Lloyd Stewart

Evening Caucus by David Lloyd Stewart


Bursting Pearl Pendant by David Lloyd Stewart

Bursting Pearl Pendant by David Lloyd Stewart

Ravenstone Sculpture by David Lloyd Stewart

Ravenstone Sculpture by David Lloyd Stewart

If you have to pick only one First Friday at Chroma Studios Gallery to attend this year (besides my show in April, of course!), this is the one you should make an effort to see! David Lloyd Stewart is not only an amazing artist, he is an amazing person. Down to earth and talented with a great sense of humor! 

Other new artists; Cindi Gaudette, Suzanne Baca, and Justin Simenson have recently signed on for representation. In addition to our regular Chroma artists, Caroline C Blaker,Diane Walton ReitzJacqui LewnesSusan SeePaula SnyderCari Pier, Jean O’Neill, Dayna Griego, Nick Harmon and Kerri Green. Last but not least, I will have a few pieces hanging, including my newest large canvas that I have decided to name “Awakening”.

David Lloyd Stewart received his formal training as a part of his major 
in art at the University of New Mexico beginning in 1968, but many of his innovative 
techniques are self-taught.  His variety of style is a distillation of those cultures 
he observed in world travel as a boy, having lived and studied in Japan, Norway, 
England and on both coasts of the United States.  A full-time professional artist 
for over thirty years now, he draws from prior experience as a commercial artist, 
industrial designer and illustrator .
               During the past thirty years of showing his work at major art
festivals from coast to coast, David has earned more than forty awards for
excellence of craftsmanship and creativity of design, ranging from “best of
category” to “best of show”.  He has participated in some of the most prestigious
shows in the country, including group and one-man shows, and served as a juror
for the New Mexico Arts & Crafts Fair in 1996.  He has lectured to professional
associations, was featured on a PBS “Colores” segment, and was voted “Master
Craftsman” status by the Albuquerque Designer-Craftsmen even at the
beginning of his career in 1976.  In January of 1999, he was invited to become a
member of the Board of Directors for Weems Artfest, where he currently serves
as a juror.  His present gallery affiliations include the Weems Gallery, Just 
Imagine Gallery, and Chroma Gallery, all in New Mexico, Halcyon at Nye Beach
 Gallery in Oregon, Gilliams Center for Creative Design in Scottsdale, Arizona, and 
Woman on the Edge Gallery in San Antonio, Texas.  Preferring to maintain a solid 
communication line with his local customers, he shows on a regular basis at the 
Tijeras Open-Air Art Market, as well as once a year at the Weems Artfest, the New 
Mexico Arts & Crafts Fair,and various other local art fairs.
               David’s devotion to mixed-media sculpture and handmade art-jewelry as
forms of personal expression has been shared over the years with a love of
painting in acrylic, oils and watercolor, as well as various forms of graphic arts. 
These diverse disciplines have allowed expressions and growth impossible in the
confines of a single medium, as the artist finds that each medium continually
breathes new life into the next.  His application of these skills culminate in
unique works of art that draw on his inspiration by primitive images with a
whimsical, contemporary flair.  
                His work may be found on the Web at StewartArt.com, and he maintains 
a web-log (blog) at StewartArt.blogspot.com.  His studio is located at 110-C  Altez, SE, 
Albuquerque, NM 87123, where the phone number is (505) 296-1400.  
His Email address is David@StewartArt.com.


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