Daily Archives: December 17, 2008

Silent Auction Closes This Friday!

I have been meaning to post some of the awesome pieces from our silent auction show this month, but as usual, December has been a crazy month and I just haven’t had the time. Two days from now will be the closing reception for our Silent Auction to benefit the Roadrunner Food Bank of NM. While we have a few bids, there are several pieces with no bids! So, if you love art and especially love a great deal, come by the reception this Friday between 5- 8:30 pm and place your bids! The bidding will actually close around 7:30 pm to give us time to process the sales and package art for purchasers to take home with them!

Here are a few of the pieces available (click on the image for more info):
If you would like to bid on a piece, but can’t make it to the reception, please email me or leave a comment with your email.