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Artist Interview: Terri Hansen


Red Tulips by Terri Hansen

Red Tulips by Terri Hansen

Terri Hansen AKA Miss Mayhem

Terri Hansen AKA Miss Mayhem

This is the first post in a series of interviews of the artists who work at Chroma Studios.  Terri Hansen has been at Chroma from the beginning. She started out in studio #9 but later moved in to studio #10 after realizing she needed more space. Terri is a southern gal and a sweetheart. She moved to Albuquerque from Atlanta, Georgia just over a year ago. Her work is just amazing and what truly amazes me is not only how quickly she finishes a painting, but how beautiful they all are!

1.Introduce yourself, your name, hometown, how long you’ve been an artist.

Terri Hansen aka Miss Mayhem from Atlanta Ga. I’ve been an artist for nearly 20 years now

2.What is your artistic medium?

Oil and Watercolor and a bit of color pencil work lately

3.What is your subject matter or style?

I do classical realism painting of old world renaissance style, my subject matter varies, but I do paint with high drama in mind. Never a quiet painting in my studio.

4.When did you know you were an artist?

I think I started out as more of a designer. I made elaborate costumes for kids around the block out of anything available at the time. From there I painted some apples and leaves on my Grandmother’s mailbox. It was a hit, so again, I went around the block, this time painting mailboxes. It touched off a feeling of being able to produce beauty in my own way, and wow, was that addictive.

5.Do you have a degree in art, are you self taught or a little of both?

I started out with a watercolor group, then another group of oil painters. I decided it was time to take my art to the next level, so I then studied under Chris DiDomizzio for five years at his formal art school in Atlanta. It was tough, he was a take no prisoners instructor, but boy did we learn.

6.Where is your art available for purchase or is your art available for purchase?

My art sells either on commission or out of my studio/ gallery on Central, Chroma Studios.

7.Who is your favorite artist and why?

Wow that’s a tough one…I have many, and each for a different reason. John Waterhouse, for his ability to produce thought provoking, beautiful scenes. John Singer Sargent for portraits that portray everything about the person he painted. Frank Benson for his dynamic color combinations. He could take white and make it into a color. But…….I made the trip to Amsterdam, Holland for Rembrandt’s 400th Birthday Celebration. Every known painting of his came in from all over the planet to showcase his brilliance in his city, Amsterdam. In the absolute execution of the art of painting, Rembrandt is in a class all his own, 400 years later. It was amazing, and therefore, he will always be one of my very favorite artists.

8.What made you decide to move in to Chroma Studios?

Chroma just seemed like the place for me, it was perfect for all of my needs, and still is!

9.What do you like about Chroma Studios?

I like the revolving door of people that come through here, my windows, and friends I’ve gotten to know from there. It’s a great place.